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Hello from Australia (again)

Polly Rowan blog - Bushranger Bay

After an unexpected break of over a year, I finally decided to hit that ‘New Post’ button again. This year marks 10 years since I started this blog – pre-social media, pre-smart phones, pre-adult life! I toyed with the idea of ending it totally, but something stopped me. I’ve always loved documenting things (I’m an extremely nostalgic person!) and although I wasn’t blogging over the past year, I created a one-second-everyday video instead.

Melbourne Chapter 2

So here we are, in 2019. After 18 months back in London, Alex and I realised that we hadn’t been ready to leave Melbourne. It was the honestly toughest decision we’ve ever had to make, but we finally decided to book flights back to Australia and haul our belongings around the world once again.

With so much going on in ‘real life’ over the past 2 years, I found it hard to connect with the online world. I’ve always wanted this blog to be about positive things, and yet I wasn’t feeling positive. At the same time I didn’t want to be inauthentic, so instead just stopped blogging and focussed all energy into the little quarter-life crisis that was going on over here… Hats off to all the people I follow who manage to share life’s ups and downs so eloquently online!

The past year has been focussed on getting settled back in Melbourne, building a home with Alex again, reconnecting with old friends here, and doing my best to stay in touch with loved ones back home. I do miss friends and family in the UK every day, but in this amazing creative city between the beaches and the mountains…. there is nowhere else I’d rather be living right now (and I can’t say I currently miss London’s crazy rush one bit). Now that life has slowed down a bit, I plan to post sporadically (does anyone else think of Clueless whenever they use that word?!) here about travels, design, life, and everything in between!

Polly Rowan blog - Melbourne houses

Polly Rowan blog - Photoshoot

Polly Rowan blog - Half Moon Bay

Polly Rowan blog - Half Moon Bay

Polly Rowan blog - Home

Polly Rowan blog - Alfresco Italian Dinner

Polly Rowan blog - Bushranger Bay
Polly Rowan blog - Sunset

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