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A Weekend in Copenhagen | Things to Do


In November Alex and I made a last minute trip to Copenhagen and to visit a friend who is living there. When I last went for a work trip there was a heatwave and I spent most of my spare time on the beach, and so I wondered how different it would be this time round. However winter was such a lovely time to visit Copenhagen! All the cosy interiors, twinkling lights and ‘hygge’ style just made sense. I have split the weekend into two posts as I had so much to share. So today is all about things to do in Copenhagen, and I will share all the places to eat shortly!


Things To Do in Copenhagen

We flew out on Saturday morning and stayed until Monday evening, which was enough time to see lots of the city without rushing around. I still feel like we could have stayed another 3 days with plenty to do though, it’s such a great city! In terms of where to stay, the accommodation isn’t cheap. The centre would be really convenient but we opted for an Airbnb in Nørrebro to keep to our budget. It was easy to hop on a bus or bike to get there and it was a fun area as well.


A Canal Boat Tour

An obvious one but still so good! If it’s cold, I recommend doing what we did and getting a cup of gløg (like mulled wine but with almonds and sultanas) or hot chocolate to keep your hands warm as it got pretty chilly! You don’t need to book but go to the place on the right of the main canal and it’s a little cheaper than the other side (about 4 euros). There is an English speaking tour guide to explain all the beautiful modern and traditional architecture and sights as you go past.




Round Tower

I was really excited to go up a tower which didn’t make me quake in fear. I love seeing a city from high up as you see a different perspective and can get your bearings. This lovely tower in the centre of Copenhagen has a beautiful gentle slope so you don’t even feel like you’re going up high. I recommend going on a weekday or in the morning to avoid a queue.

Hire a Bike

Cycling is for sure the best way to navigate Copenhagen. The bikes there are a pleasure to ride as well – there are no speedy lycra-clad cyclists in sight! We used the Donkey Republic app for 24 hours (it was raining the other 2 days) which meant we could lock our bikes anywhere in the city.


Wander around Christiania

I think it’s worth popping by this car-free and green ‘freetown’ just to see what it’s like. We ended up walking around a big lake before reaching it, spotting all the eco-friendly and quirky homes on the land. There are a few cafes and bars in the centre of the town as well, just be wary with photography as it’s banned in some areas.

Design Museum

If you are into Danish design this is a must-do! I loved Danish Design Now exhibition with lots of iconic furniture and product designs from this century. The Danish Chair exhibition was amazing, too.


Jægersborggade Street

We stayed quite near here in Nørrebro and it was such a cute little street. Some of the shops were closed on the Monday so you’re probably safest to visit on a Saturday. It’s packed full of little boutiques, cafes and vintage clothing shops.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

We didn’t go this time round but I went 3 years ago and it was beautiful! I’d say you need a spare half or full day as you need to get a train out of the city but it’s worth the journey for this stunning setting and space. The exhibitions were really good when I went as well.




We also did a bit of shopping in the centre but I can’t remember all the names of the shops! My favourite to just wander around is Hay House, an essential if you love interiors. There are also a few ‘Tiger’ type stores with small homey bits, and lots of lovely clothes shops everywhere.

I hope this was helpful if you are planning to visit Copenhagen. These dark January days have me checking Skyscanner flights at least twice a day, though with somewhere a little warmer in mind!

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    Yasmin Rebecca
    January 26, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    Love pictures. I’d love to visit Copenhagen, especially do a boat tour too! The cacti shop is so cute!

    Yasmin Rebecca ?
    The Sweet Seven Five

    • Reply
      Polly Rowan
      January 31, 2018 at 3:28 pm

      It’s such a fun city to go to, hope you have the chance to visit one day 🙂


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