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Our Wedding | Video + Moments to Remember

Wedding moments

Wedding Video

I’ve got just a couple more wedding posts I’d like to share! We umm’d and ahh’d about getting a videographer early on but it just seemed a little too luxurious for our budget. After the wedding I felt a bit sad that we hadn’t preserved it in film. We then got surprised by not one, but two wedding videos! From two different perspectives.

I had no idea this was going on during the entire wedding day, but my sister-in-law Steph had messaged a whole load of our guests asking them to film a couple of clips of our day on their phones. She is a talented film producer and she used her skills to put these phone clips together into a beautiful video for us! So now we have this video I love that it is captured by all of our loved ones. It sums up the feeling of the day in such a fun way.

Our amazing photographer Jo also filmed for us during the day as a surprise! She was experimenting with film for the first time and the outcome is so so beautiful! We love how we now have footage of the ceremony and all the little details. Here is this video if you’d like to see it.

These videos also triggered a few memories for me, and I wanted to get them down before I forget them. The random little wedding moments that I know could easily be forgotten. I loved reading Sophie Cliff’s list like this and thought it was a great idea.

wedding moments

Laying Wedding Tables

Wedding Moments

1/ Sharing a bed with my sister the night before the wedding and both waking in the night to randomly find the bedroom light on. We were so freaked out! Especially since Pluckley is supposedly the most haunted village in England.

2/ Taking a moment on my wedding morning to walk around my granny’s garden in the sun, soaking it all in and saying hi to the sculpture that was built after my grandpa died. My mum joined me and we picked sweet peas and wild flowers to fill a few jars for the easel and bathrooms at the wedding. It rained through most of our wedding but the morning was glorious sunshine.

3/ Wandering into the kitchen to find my amazing bridesmaids stencilling icing sugar hearts onto the 88 brownies that my mum baked.


4/ Laying every place setting in the morning whilst my florist Lynsey laid the eucalyptus down the centre of the tables and getting so excited about it all coming together.

5/ Realising that I had nothing ‘old’ and my granny giving me a beautiful rusty little metal key to thread onto the ribbon of my bouquet.

6/ Doing my wedding make up by the window while watching a few of the guests arrive to pitch their tents in the field. It was such a sneaky viewpoint!

Bridesmaids Dressing Gowns

7/ The beautiful drive with my dad through the country lanes to get to the church. I swear the drive felt about 10 times longer than usual!

8/ Arriving at the church in the rain and seeing a tall figure standing outside with an umbrella. I asked my dad who it was and he didn’t know either. As we pulled closer we realised it was my brother, who then walked me to the church door with the umbrella which was so special.

9/ Finding my 4 bridesmaids waiting and giggling outside the door of the church, looking stunning and so excited.


10/ Catching the eyes of friends and family as I walked up the aisle. Simultaneously wanting to look at everybody’s faces but also feeling so nervous to do so!

11/ Holding onto Alex’s hand tightly the whole way through the ceremony, and not feeling too nervous because of it.

12/Alex and I taking a wrong turn back to the house from the church and having to pull into a random country road to regroup and take in everything that had just happened.

13/ Speaking to Alex’s Nan in Australia on the phone during the wedding party.

14/ Having Alex’s littlest sister holding my hand for about an hour straight because she honestly thought I was a princess for the day!

15/ About 6 sheep creeping up on Alex, Jo and me whilst we were taking photos in the field.

16/ All the groomsmens’ ties ending up around their heads, and then Despecito coming on and everyone doing the limbo under another tie.

Wedding party

17/ About ten of us having a cherry stone spitting competition randomly by the bonfire.

18/ Doing a traditional French fête dance (which we do in the south of France in August every year) which involved everybody rowing in two lines on the floor and then Alex and I crowd surfing over them.

19/ Boogying with people I’ve never danced with before like my cousins, aunts and uncles.

20/ A few guests taking over the bar after the bar staff left, and a couple of bottles of rum appearing out of nowhere!

If you were married, what were your favourite random little wedding moments?

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    Sophie Cliff
    November 2, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    Oooooh, I love this! These little moments are the things you could never plan for in the lead up but which will stay with you forever xxx

    • Reply
      Polly Rowan
      November 8, 2017 at 8:57 am

      Definitely! I’m glad I made this list right after the wedding because I’d already forgotten a few when I came back to it recently 🙂 I loved the one you made too! x

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