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Reading List - The Bronze Horseman

Reading List - The Bronze Horseman
A summer 2017 reading list

Oh what an autumnal day here in London! Is anyone just feeling like curling up and eating comfort food on the sofa all of this week!? I haven’t put together a reading list for a while (here are the first and second ones I did) and so thought this was pretty perfect timing for it. I’ve been reading lots at the moment since my commute is 1 hour 40 mins each way. I’m finding it really tiring but the bonus is being able to sit back and read a big chunk of my book. I’m still using my Kindle since it’s so light to pop into my handbag. It just doesn’t photograph as well as a pile of books does!

Reading Lists - The Bronze Horseman

The Secret Life of Bees Sue Monk Kid

I raced through this book as it’s very engaging right from the start. It’s set in the Deep South in the 1960s and touches a lot on the racial divide and struggle during that time. Despite the heavy themes, it is a heartwarming book about sisterhood and youth. I also loved the topic of beekeeping throughout!

Shantaram Gregory David Roberts

Where do I even start with this one!? It’s a whopper of a book so I suggest downloading it on a Kindle if you have one so you’re not lugging around a brick. The author actually escaped from prison in Melbourne in the 1970s and fled to India where he lived in the slums in Mumbai. It is a long story full of many smaller stories, beautiful characters and extraordinary events. If you love travelling and adventure, I highly recommend it! I struggled a little about two thirds of the way through (I think this is often the case with very long books), but persevere and it gets better again.

A Little Life Hanya Yanagihara

This book is so heart-wrenching but absolutely beautiful. It gets deep into the characters so well and follows their lives as they grow up as friends from university and onwards. The main character’s secrets unfold slowly as the story goes on and it’s quite painful and harrowing to read. Again this is a very long book but a real page turner on the subjects of love, trust and suffering.

All the Light we Cannot See Anthony Doerr

There are so many books on the subject of WWII but this one approaches it from a different perspective. It follows the lives of two children, one of whom gets innocently dragged into supporting Nazi Germany in the war. And yet somehow you still sympathise and love his character. It is a little slow to start but beautifully written and fits together nicely like a jigsaw puzzle at the end.

The Bronze Horseman Paullina Simons

This is the book I am reading at the moment. This is a love story set in Communist Russia during WWII (again) and I am learning so much about this perspective of the war. I gave up history as soon as I could at school so I’m pretty useless on my facts, but I love learning about it through stories. It’s quite a harrowing tale, particularly during the Leningrade Blockade, but I’m hooked at the moment! I wouldn’t say it’s the most well written book but I’m enjoying it.

And finally, do you have any book recommendations? I’m off on my honeymoon next month and one of my favourite things to do on holiday is to switch off and read loads! Any good poolside books you’ve read lately?

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