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Planning a Wedding from Abroad


I thought I’d do a little update on the wedding planning since a lot has happened since my last wedding related post in April! I don’t want to go wedding overboard on the blog, but it’s also something that I want to document and it is also taking up a lot of our spare time at the moment. Obviously I’m not a wedding expert only being a few months into planning, but I thought I’d give a few tips and log our experience so far of booking a wedding from overseas. It’s not easy but it’s totally do-able!

Give your guests plenty of notice

Half our guest list is in the UK and half is in Australia so we were very aware that people need to save and plan their holidays around a trip if they want to make it to your wedding. We don’t expect people to make the long journey but of course we want to give them the choice, so we sent out ‘save the dates’ a year in advance to Australians. These were a lot of fun to design – I painted them with watercolours and then we had them printed.

Visit if you can, and book ALL the appointments.

You could make this a lot easier for yourself by booking a venue that organises most things for you. By having it on my grandmother’s property we are making things a little complicated to organise. Although there have been a couple of moments where I’ve wondered what we’ve got ourselves into, I remind myself how special and personal it will be, how it will be our own space, and that makes it all worth it.

During our four days in London last month we met a florist, church rector, and photographer. I honestly could have talked about flowers forever. Our florist had some really gorgeous and creative ideas for the marquee decorations which made me so excited. We have now booked our lovely photographer whose style we are so happy with. We also went to five different churches in the region of where we are getting married and we are completely spoilt for choice as they’re all so beautiful. Nothing can replace physically walking around venues.

However now I’m back in Melbourne I wish we’d booked meetings with a caterer and marquee company. Oh, and gone cake tasting 🙂 Although the internet is great, you don’t get the same vibe as you do from talking in person (and you can’t taste cake over the phone). So my advice is, go crazy with the meetings if you can visit!

Buy international phone credit

Leading on from that, if you can’t visit, at least talk to people on the phone. I’ve been fretting over caterers online for a while now as I’m a bit of an over-researcher and currently have ALL the quotes in my email inbox. As soon as we picked up the phone to the UK and spoke to someone, I felt at ease. It makes such a difference being able to talk to a human and have them explain everything to you. I forget that they are the wedding experts 😉

Seek out accommodation for your guests 

If a lot of people are travelling far, make sure they have somewhere to stay. We are going to have a little wedding campsite which will be a lot of fun! However we understand this might not be everyone’s cup of tea so we are compiling a list of hotels/BnBs to send to our guests soon. We are getting married in the height of the wedding season so I have found a lot of places have already booked up 10 months in advance! Eek.

What can you do in your own country in advance? 

Can some DIY be done where you are living and taken to the wedding? Can you buy your dress, print your invitations at home etc? I know there will be loads to do in the week leading up to the wedding when we are in the UK so I’m going to get as much done here as possible. One of the most exciting things I’ve done is buy my wedding dress! I might do a separate post on wedding dress shopping but I’m really happy with the one I found and now I just can’t wait to wear it. I keep sneaking to the wardrobe and unzipping the bag to have a peek! I’m also going to sort some of our decor out here as it’s the things I want to buy are a lot cheaper.

So that’s where we’re currently at! Has anyone ever planned a wedding from overseas or been to a wedding in a field before? Would love to hear any tips you might have!

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    September 25, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    Gosh, I admire you planning from Melbourne, it’s one of the reasons we left because it’s just so hard being on such a different time zone. I applaud you, fab post x

    • Reply
      Polly Rowan
      October 10, 2016 at 10:01 am

      Thanks Ala, it is definitely a challenge! I hope you are enjoying being back in Melbourne! x

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