Training for a Half Marathon: Weeks 6 – 11

It’s been over a month since my last half marathon training update and my half marathon is next weekend! Ahh! It was honestly going really well for the first 9 weeks of training, but 2 weeks ago I started to get twinges in one leg when I was walking and it’s been getting worse and worse. I’ve been seeing a physio who thinks I have a trapped nerve in my lower back, eek! It’s all after a week of rain stopped me from going out for runs so I did some HIIT training and Kayla Itsines work outs in the gym instead and I think I must have pulled something. I should have just stayed on the sofa that week! 

So I’m feeling a bit deflated at the moment… I’m not sure what I’m going to do about the half marathon on Sunday. I still really want to run it but my back and leg are still really sore and whilst I don’t mind pushing through pain for a couple of hours, I don’t want to permenantly cripple myself. Until then it was going so well, so I wanted to still write about how I got to that point. 
I continued running three times a week and this was perfect as I had two or three days to recover after each run, which was definitely needed. I made sure I stretched properly after every run. By the time I was 9 weeks into training I was running 12km twice during the week, and then 18km on Saturday. It sounds like a lot but once I could run 12km, it all seems to get so much easier from there.

I was continuing Pilates once a week which was working so well for me to stretch it out and also work on my core. Maybe I should have been doing more of this to protect my back. As for the sprinting and Kayla Itsines work outs I did before I hurt my back, let’s not talk about that… If I trained for a half marathon again I definitely wouldn’t mix up my work outs so far into the training.

I gave up drinking for the first half of July which gave me so much energy at the weekends! I was leaping out of bed at 7am on a Saturday and it made the weekend so much longer which was great. I didn’t change my diet much but all the extra running made me feel a bit trimmer. Think it’s all backtracked a bit since I’ve been resting for a few weeks though.

It suddenly got a lot colder here in June, and I didn’t have many long length items for winter. So I bought some new leggings from Running Bare which are so comfortable. I still don’t like wearing long sleeves when I run so I take it off a couple of km into my run and then hide it in a bush to collect on the way back! Sneaky. The strappy top is from Lululemon, the grey one is from Gap Body, and the sports bra is this one from Sweaty Betty.

Have you ever run a half marathon or marathon? I would love any tips you have! I am raising money for Children with Cancer UK. This amazing charity helps fund research, raise awareness, and provide better care for children with cancer. If you feel like sponsoring me, my fundraising page is here 🙂

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    July 19, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    I have always wanted to run a half marathon but just never had he discipline to get on with the training! Well done for you for getting so far, I hope you feel well enough to take part after all your hard work!


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      Polly Rowan
      July 20, 2016 at 10:05 pm

      I found that once I had signed up to it, I had no choice but to start training! I think that’s the way to do it 😉

      Thanks Lizzie xx

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