Sundays are for Cake and Flowers

Most of the time I tend to make my weekends jam-packed but this past weekend I made zero plans and it was so blissful! Sometimes you really need to have one of those days where you only leave the house to get brownie ingredients and to treat yourself to a bunch of fresh flowers (even though it was mother’s day, and probably not the best day to splurge on flowers for yourself but who cares). 
If you haven’t made Hummingbird Bakery brownies before, you need to go and do it. Right now. They are so easy and create minimal washing up, but they are the PERFECT balance of fudgeyness with a divine flaky top. Even though they do make my teeth hurt a bit…  
The rest of the day was spent sipping chai tea, munching on avocado toast, and planning recipes for the week from Madeleine Shaw’s cookbook. Why does every good day in my book always involve a lot of delicious food? 
At the moment I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine for the first time in months, spending time at home, rustling up some new recipes, and watching a new tv series (any recommendations?). However I know it won’t be long until I start getting itchy feet again, opening up Skyscanner (that pesky thang of a website!) or browsing my ‘Wanderlust‘ board on Pinterest. If you fancy a bit of travel and a lot of food yourself, Chill Home Insurance are rather generously giving away ten pairs of tickets to Taste of Dublin 2016, which you can enter here. Such a perfect trip for a food-lover like me! Good luck! 
I have teamed up with Chill Home Insurance and Taste of Dublin for today’s post, I hope you enjoy x

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    May 10, 2016 at 4:06 pm

    Ohh those brownies look so good. I’ve started scheduling in my lazy weekends now, they are so essential to have every once in awhile!

    Jasmin Charlotte

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