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New Zealand | Mornings with the Campervan

Hello blog, it’s been a while. Two weeks ago Alex and I got back from New Zealand and life has been a bit chaotic since. I’ve finally started to organise my photos (so. many. photos.) so I can share them on here. 
We spent 9 days driving around the south island in a little campervan and some of my favourite moments of the trip were the early mornings. Waking up with the sun, often watching it rise over a beautiful lake or mountain, pulling on warmer layers, and rolling out of the campervan straight into the fresh air. We took so much enjoyment in cooking outside on the little gas stove, boiling the kettle for our coffee, and sipping away whilst the bacon and eggs sizzled in the fresh air for our bacon/egg rolls. Alex was determined to eat one of these every morning and I think he managed it most days! Everything just tastes one hundred times better al-fresco, don’t you think?
Also, remember my 25 at 25? One of them was to learn to crack an egg with one hand and I attempted it for the first time whilst taking that photo below… it turns out it’s not that hard. Ha. I just… did it. 
So now we’re back to reality and I’m still dreaming of those mornings. We’re wondering if we could sell everything we own and live in a campervan forever but I think it might not be the same camping on the streets in Melbourne! More New Zealand posts to come, stay tuned! 

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