Snail Mail

I’ve been so lucky to have a trickle of snail mail arriving in Australia over the last couple of weeks. The mailing time from the UK – Australia (and vice versa) is so unpredictable so my birthday was spread over a couple of weeks, which was the best! Whereas Whatsapp, Facetime, and Skype are absolute lifesavers with all my family and friends over in England, there is nothing better than receiving a physical card or present in the post. It makes me so happy! I don’t think digital can ever completely replace sending things in the post.

And apparently my friends know me very well, because how beautiful are these treats?! One of my besties Hannah made the gorgeous palm print sunglasses case above – she’s so talented. 

I love stationery and these three cards below not only make me swoon, but I love how they all co-ordinate with each other. 

Now I think I better get on with sending off some of my own snail mail… 🙂

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