A Photo An Hour II

Recently I haven’t been picking up my camera much, so on Sunday I decided to document my day and the little things that usually pass me by. And so, the second A Photo An Hour post was born… over 3 years (!) later after I did the first one here. How things have changed…

This was a pretty good and very chilled Sunday, and as you will be able to tell, my weekends tend to revolve around food. But who wants to photograph 8 hours in a row of sitting at a desk in an office… take me back to Sunday! Days like this make me absolutely fall in love with this country.

10am Chilling in bed and catching up on Making A Murderer on Netflix. Who else is addicted?! I have one more episode to go ahhh!

11am Coffee in my favourite Anthro mug and berries, yogurt, and GF granola.

12pm The weather forecast was 34*C so Alex and I decided a beach day was in order. Packing all the essentials.

1pm Waiting for the train to take us to Chelsea beach. It’s worth travelling a little out of the city for more beautiful, cleaner beaches.

2pm I’ve got the easiest gluten free lunch on-the-go down. Rice cakes, avocado, tomato. Sooo good.

3pm Dips in the sea in between sunbathing (with lots of 50 factor suncream!)

3:30pm I’m reading Shantaram still. It’s a really amazing book but very long.

4pm More dips in the sea to cool off

5:30pm Heading home and I picked up this dairy free ice cream which was AMAZING. I’ve been eyeing up the pints of this in health food shops and now finally tried it. It lived up to expectations.

6:30pm Back to reality and grocery shopping

7:30pm Watering our trio of plants on the balcony. Lemon, chilli, and a succulent.

8pm Cooking up a big veggie and tofu stirfry for dinner and packed lunches for the week ahead.

8:30pm Dinner on the balcony

Obvs the day didn’t end here but I literally didn’t move from the sofa watching more Making A Murderer… Off to watch the last episode now. What did you get up to at the weekend? Have a great Tuesday! x

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