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5 Small Ways to Decorate Your Home (That Don’t Cost the Earth)

One of the first things I want to do when I move into a new place is spread little nice things around. Like white ceramic pineapples and little chopping boards made from olive wood. Because those things are so essential, right? More so than a sofa and chairs and knives and forks.
When I moved into my flat in Melbourne we didn’t have many of these things because, well, we had to also ship clothes and hairdryers, and other practical things across the world. So I had to get a bit creative, and here are some tips to making your interior more homey.
1. Frame postcards, cards, wrapping paper 
Or anything else pretty you can find. Love that gift card that your friend gave you for your birthday? Frame it, hang it. Now it’s art.
2. Candles, and not the expensive kind
It’s easy to get pretty carried away with buying candles that smell of ‘Brown Butter Popcorn’ and ‘Spiced Pumpkin Pie’, when actually there’s still something beautiful about natural beeswax candles in a lovely candle stick, and they don’t break the bank. I’m loving these simple church candles from Watts & Co, who have been hand-making candles for 150 years. Plus their packing is just gorgeous, all wrapped up in brown paper and raffia. 
3. Get creative
I spend so much time on Pinterest these days, that I almost forgot how fun and relaxing it is to create a real moodboard. Like, actually pick up a pair of scissors and a magazine and get cutting and sticking. And the fun thing is you can change it every week. Use postcards/ photos/ magazine cuttings and grab some MT Masking Tape that won’t leave marks on the walls. 

4. Put things in jars and then arrange them artfully 
Go to one of those cheap independent shops that sells anything and everything (pretty sure every highstreet has one) and stock up on big jars. Throw in a couple of pretty ones from a cookware shop too. They’re also so practical for having on hand for ingredients as well.

5. Plants
B&Q are so good for little cacti and succulents. Just make sure you Google how often to water them. Because I took the desert to be even more extreme than it actually is and somehow underestimated how much water a cactus needs. I killed one of my baby cacti. So be a better mother than I.

Do you have any little tips for prettying up a home without spending too much dolla?

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