10 Things I Miss About London

It’s been almost 10 months now since my parents drove Alex and me to Heathrow airport at 5am (with me crying all the way ha, what a mess!). I don’t miss London as much as I thought I would, just mainly family and friends. It definitely helps that I love Melbourne as a city to live in. Though recently my mind has been drifting more and I’ve been daydreaming about my home city. I wish so much I could hop on a plane and nip back for the weekend, but with the flight being a minimum of 26 hours, it’s just not feasible sadly! 6 months ago I wrote a list of things I love about Melbs, so here is a list of things I miss about London (some of them are suuuuper random and little things that I used to take for granted!)…
1. Family and Friends
This is an obvious one and makes up 99% of the things I miss, but I had to include it in here. I love the new friends I’ve made here but nothing beats the people who know you inside-out. I miss family gatherings, Sunday lunches, walks in Richmond Park with my mum, being silly with my brother and sister, drinks with my girls. 
2. The Beautiful Architecture
Sorry Melbourne, but you’ve got nothing on London. I miss all the gorgeous old houses, the skylines you get from the bridges across the Thames in Central London, and the lovely mix of old and new architecture.
3. Cycling Culture
It hasn’t quite caught on here like it has in London. Not many people ride to work so when I’m on my bike at 8:30am there will only be 1 or 2 other bikes on the road, whereas I used to be surrounded by them during my London commute. I used to like feeling like I was part of a cycling club haha! There is definitely more space on the roads here, but I feel like drivers aren’t very aware of bikes so I am more wary. I also miss Boris bikes! They are such a good way to nip around London and also get home at 3am after a night out.
4. Exhibitions/Art Galleries
I haven’t been to one art exhibition since I got here (shameful red face). I definitely could make more of an effort to find some to go to, but here isn’t such a museum/exhibition culture. There just always used to be something I wanted to see in London at Somerset House/Tate Modern etc, and there’s nothing that I’ve had a hankering to see here.
5. Amazon.co.uk
Haha this is sooo random but seriously there just isn’t an equivalent! I thought Amazon was totes international, but nope. Amazon is so cheap and I’m so used to ordering everything and anything, with free delivery, and it arriving within a day or two. Online shopping isn’t as easy here with Australia being SO huge, and I guess there’s just not such a big population. Also: no free returns for ASOS, waa.
6. UK TV
This is something else that I never thought I’d miss, especially as I’m not really a big TV watcher. But Australian TV is seriously awful. There are about 3 trashy TV shows that seem to repeat 3 times a year. I need the BBC dramas! And Downton Abbey! I haven’t watched TV since we first arrived in February – Netflix and streaming English TV on my laptop all the way. 
7. Night Buses
OK night buses are pretty hideous but they can be kind of hilarious after a drunken night out and here there isn’t much of a transport system at all after 1am, so Ubers it is. 
8. Pubs
There are pubs here, but not as rife or as good as we do them in England. There isn’t so much of a pub culture where you go for a relaxed drink in a beautiful, cosy, and traditional pub. 
9. Wifi in Cafes
When we first arrived in Melbourne we obvs didn’t have internet for about 2 weeks, which makes job hunting and Skyping family pretty hard! So we picked up our laptops and walked to a cafe… which didn’t have wifi. And neither did the next, or the next. It’s not as common here to have wifi, which we found weird right after being in Cambodia and Thailand where wifi was everywhere. 
10. British Chocolate
Minstrels, Galaxy chocolate, Snow Bites around Christmas time. Also the chocolate here is designed not to melt in hot weather, so the average Cadbury’s chocolate bar just doesn’t taste as good… Luckily Australia does food pretty amazingly in all other areas. 
Did I miss anything out?! I’m sure I will think of lots more after I post this! x

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