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I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging recently and where I want to take this blog. It’s evolved naturally over the years and to be honest, I’ve never really had concrete plans or goals for what I’m doing.

Like most bloggers, it started as a hobby. I was 18, blogging wasn’t really a ‘thing’, and I didn’t even put my full name or any photos out there. During university I used it as an outlet for my textile work and processes, along with inspiration. I was so focused on my degree at the time that I didn’t read many other blogs or take much notice of the huge increase in the blogosphere. Suddenly I feel like I’ve turned around and blogging is no longer just a hobby, but a business. Today the number of followers on your Instagram really matters, and if you’re not making money, you’re not a proper ‘blogger’. Nothing crushes my blogging creativity more than that pressure.

I really admire bloggers who have turned it into a profession, I really do. Blogging is hard work and you are never really switched off. It’s more than just blogging now, it’s creating a brand, which is amazing. Maybe my lack of direction (and the fact that an editorial calendar has never existed for me – if I go down, my blog goes down with me) means that I will never have zillions of followers, but I’m telling myself at the moment that that’s ok.

Blogs which tell you how to make yourself a fitter/slimmer/happier/better person might have a place in the world, but lately I’ve become a bit tired of that. Sometimes they can have the opposite affect and make a reader feel worse about themselves. My favourite reads are personal blogs… an insight into someone’s mind, creativity, inspirations and loves, with beautiful photography. As Siobhan puts it in this post ‘gentle lifestyle blogs’ – a phrase that stuck with me.

There isn’t much point to this post other than reassuring myself (and hopefully other people) that it’s ok to not blog as a business but to stay true to yourself. Blogging has always made me happy, plus I wouldn’t have got my first job out of university without the experience it has given me, so that’s a huge bonus. I would like to take it back to why I started this blog over 6 years ago – to take it back to basics and post anything that makes me happy and inspires me, and also to capture the little moments. Less thinking, more doing. I love looking back over the years more than anything. xx

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