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Finding Paradise in Koh Tao

I will get through my travelling posts eventually, I promise! I loved Cambodia and Northern Thailand but secretly (or not so secretly) I was so looking forward to getting to the islands. To me, beaches are the epitome of relaxation. I love the sun, I love lying in the sand with a book in my hand, and taking regular dips in the sea to cool off.

We started off our journey in Bangkok, where we hopped on an overnight train down to Surat Thani. It was such a fun journey! We started off sitting in seats, tucking into fried rice which we grabbed at the train station before we left. Around 10pm, a man came along the train aisle converting all the seats into bunk beds. The beds were comfortable enough, but I can’t say we got much sleep as we were so excited. Two bus rides, a boat ride, and a long walk across the island of Koh Tao (we really under-estimated how far our resort was from the town), we arrived in paradise.

Koh Tao was just so amazingly chilled and beautiful. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we stepped out of our cabin and the saw the beach view just metres from the beach. We stayed at the quieter end of the main beach but it was so much more empty and relaxed than I expected. We stayed in a basic but lovely hut at the Palm Leaf resort and I’d highly recommend it. The three days that we stayed here were mainly spent lying on the beach sipping on the amazing mint and lemon shakes and reading our books.

 This man below would come along the beach everyday with a little barbeque and sell hot charred buttery, salty corn on the cob and fresh pineapple that he sliced up for you. They were the BEST snacks and so cheap. 

I thought it might turn into a bit of a party area at night, being on the main beach, but it was still very chilled. The restaurants along the beach brought out big barbecues to serve fresh fish along with potatoes and veg. I hadn’t had seafood since that dreaded fish curry in Phnom Penh, but we shared a huge fish platter and it was AMAZING.

Since we were on the island famous for it’s diving, I decided that I needed to renew my Padi licence and go scuba diving. Although my instructor was great, I was pretty nervous going without anyone I knew and it had been over a year since I last dived. 10 metres down I realised that there is no Padi signal for I’M FREAKING OUT. Silly huh? But once I relaxed, it was beautiful, despite the visibility not being great that day. I’ve never seen such stunning coral before.

The day after, Alex went on a fishing trip and brought us back a whopper, which our hotel cooked up for us. It was weird being alone all day for the first time in weeks but really relaxing. I found a lovely French cafe with gluten free pancakes – the dream. Have you been to Kao Tao? I would love to go back! x

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