5 Happy Things

And yes…. most of the things I appreciate in life are food related as per usual. I haven’t been blogging much lately as my Aussie boyfriend and I have been pouring a lot of our free time into working on my visa application. It’s mind-numbing and stressful but we are so. close. to submitting it! Once it’s done and dusted I hope to get back to blogging more than just these little updates.

1/ I have been lusting after some pure linen bed sheets for a couple of years but the price tag is pretty high and let’s face it, they’re a luxury not an essential. I bit the bullet on Friday with a hefty discount from work and I am in love with them. I love their relaxed look and they’re so soft. I went for white as there’s nothing as fresh as beautiful, clean white bedlinen, don’t you think?

2/ I was craving cookies on Saturday and decided to try a slightly lighter version by making them with chickpeas! I used this recipe, it took me about 15 minutes and they were sooo good.

3/ Walking back from Coles last weekend when I popped out early to get some eggs for breakfast, the sun was shining so I took this slightly longer route home down by the river.

4/ I scored some girlfriend points by watching Alex play football (Aussie rules = so violent!) in the freezing cold on Sunday morning. Afterwards we went out for lunch  at Galleon by the beach in St. Kilda. I had truffled eggs, because TRUFFLES and ended up sharing Alex’s chips too. Whoops.

5/ Mulled waaaan with some of my favourite people. We heard about a European Winter Festival happening at a local pub and obviously I had to show my European face. It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon with fake snow, bratwurst, mulled wine, and yodelling!

What has been putting a smile on your face recently?

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