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Green Press Adventure

Last weekend, Green Press kindly sent me a box of their amazing organic goodies. Alex and I were feeling like an adventure, and since we had a picnic ready to go, we decided to hit Sherbrooke Forest for a bit of a hike.

I spend approximately 68% of my daily commute drooling over Green Press’ Instagram (particularly their Krispy Klean donuts), so I was SO excited to try some of their treats. Green Press is all about making amazing, fresh food from real ingredients, no shortcuts. They have a range of hilariously named cold pressed juices (‘Cayenne West’, ‘Kaling Me Softly’ and ‘Sesame Treat’ being some of my fave names) which all come in beautiful glass bottles. They are full of nutrients, naturally low in sugar, and absolutely delicious.

Sherbrooke Forest is a stunner, it felt so tropical compared to forests back in the UK. It was after a week of heavy rain and the sun was out and everything was cold and damp, with steam rising up from waterlogged fallen branches where they were being soaked by warm sunlight. It was so fun to explore a new part of Australia, which was also so close to home.

First we tried the Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe juice, which was divine. Not too sweet but not too earthy, it was perfectly refreshing fuel for our uphill part of the hike! We also drank the ‘Holy Water’. If you’ve ever had a fresh young green coconut before, it’s the closest to that in a bottle – naturally sweet and so yum. It took my right back to my Thailand adventures.

I love a good juice, but let’s be honest, what drew me to Green Press was their Krispy Klean donuts. I hadn’t had a donut in 2 years since gluten free donuts are certainly few and far between. I planned to give one to Alex, but I ended up eating the whole double chocolate donut myself and then later tucking into the vanilla one. I did offer him a bite at least. I love eating treats that taste bad but you know are nutritious and healthy – they are so much more satisfying. No guilt whatsoever! (Except maybe for not sharing…)

At the end of our walk we were suddenly surrounded by beautiful brightly coloured birds (maybe Rosellas?) which weren’t afraid to land on us. Alex was definitely a lot more cool, calm, and collected than I was…

After a fun house party that night, I breakfasted in bed with the Choice Chia pudding and Life of the Latte. I’ve made Chia Puddings before but this one was top notch. I need to try and replicate this layered beauty! I expected Life of the Latte to be a sweet drink but it was just pure coffee and nut milk, which satisfied my new coffee obsession.

Green Press are only open on weekdays (7am – 4pm) in the city of Melbs, but they deliver fresh food around Melbourne during the week. So hit them up! I’m eyeing up their acai bowls next! And more hiking adventures of course… x

*This is not a sponsored post. I just really love this brand and their products. All views are my own* 

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