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South East Asia Travels Part 4 | Bangkok

It’s been a while since I posted about our South-East Asian adventures, but I’m going to pick up where I left off in Chiang Mai/Pai, and let’s just pretend that THIS post, was last week… not three months ago. 
Bangkok was a bit of a whirlwind. Over two days I felt like we saw a lot of it but also none at all. The whole time I had no idea where we were ha! On day one it was unfortunately Alex’s turn to be struck with food poisoning. We struggled around the huge and famous Chatuchak market, which was amazing. I wish I could have stayed longer but poor Alex needed to lie down and I didn’t want to try and navigate back to our hotel alone as it was pretty far.
Luckily the hotel we had booked turned out to be a dreamy oasis in the middle of the craziness. So much that none of the tuk tuk drivers ever knew how to find it! I lay down in the tropical garden area and read my book with an iced coffee while Alex recovered. I would really recommend this hotel – it wasn’t that expensive at all and the room and gardens were lovely.

That evening we headed out for food and I had the most incredible Tom Yum soup. This turned out to be my favourite dish in Thailand – kinda like a thai curry but in a creamy soup form with rice noodles! YUM. 

The next day Alex felt more lively so we headed off to China Town. Squeezing down alleyway after alleyway there were never-ending piles of snacks, fresh food, meat, dumplings, unidentifiable things, and colourful packages and paper. It was a party for the senses!
After A LOT OF wandering, the sticky heat started to get to us. We got lost for a while and then stumbled upon this beautiful park where we lay in the grass to read. We were getting comfortable when suddenly a giant lizard type thing ran past and I was suddenly not lying on the ground anymore. We spent the rest of the time boating around a lake trying to spot more lizard things (komodo dragons?!) and saw some which were the size of small crocs! 
As the afternoon went on, we saw an event being set up across the park. We wandered over, hired a picnic rug and bought some popcorn and lay back to witness a concert starting. It was the most magical and yet surreal evening accidentally listening to live classical music in a park in Bangkok on a hot and humid night.

We found our way to a rooftop bar to finish the night off with a few rounds of cocktails. I would link to all these places that we went to, but as I said, I really didn’t have a clue where we were the whole time! Bangkok was so huge! 

I would like to say we spent our last day exploring things like the Grand Palace and some temples. But honestly we’d seen so many temples, all we wanted to do was walk slowly around a sparkly new shopping mall and eat ice cream, so we did. Sometimes you just have to do what you feel like, not what you think you should be doing! Have you been to Bangkok? x

*Read about the rest of our travels around SE Asia… Phnom Penh, Siem Reap + Battambang, and Chiang Mai + Pai

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