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South East Asia Travels Part 1 | Phnom Penh

I hope you had a lovely weekend! I’ve finally gotten round to organising the photographs from mine and Alex’s month of travelling. I have so many photos so I will be posting our South East Asia travels in five parts over the next few weeks. 
It took me the whole time we were in Cambodia to work out how to spell Phnom Penh correctly! And I still had to check it for this post 😉 Arriving in Phnom Penh shortly after leaving wintery London was a slight shock to the senses but a massive adventure. 
It surprised us how few tourists there were in Phnom Penh. The roads were full of motorbikes, with up to four people casually clinging on, all fighting their way for a clear path on the road. It made for great entertainment whilst sitting in a roadside bar. We had our first fresh coconut, went to our first temple, and took our first tuktuk ride of many. The markets were amazing – stacks of colourful fruit, fresh sugarcane juice (which was delicious), piles of patterned textiles, and various dishes cooking away.
We visited the Tuol Sleng Museum which was quite horrifying but it’s unavoidable to go to Cambodia and not notice the after-affects of Pol Pot’s ruling in the 1970s and it was good to learn about it. 

We stayed in the Royal Mekong Hotel which was lovely, affordable, and had a small pool to relax by if you need to escape the heat for a moment. Friends was a great restaurant to enjoy tapas in. Perhaps a little more pricey than other meals but it helps to build the futures of former street children by training young people in the restaurant. I would definitely recommend taking a sunset boat trip along the Mekong and enjoying an Ankor beer. We tried going to the Royal Palace on our last day but unfortunately the Royals were in there that day! It looked stunning from the outside, though. Have you ever been to Phnom Penh?

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    Sarah @ DaydreamsofSummertime
    March 10, 2015 at 11:38 am

    I really love Cambodia and really wish I had got to spend more time there, we only spent a few days in Phnom Penh but we enjoyed ourselves a lot.The Tuol Sleng Museum is awful isn't it? But so it is so important to learn about Cambodia's history. We went to the killing fields as well which really had a lasting effect on me. Can't wait to read about the rest of your adventures!

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