Traditional festive decoration {with a twist}

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Happy Friday! I’m writing this whilst having my morning advent chocolate, isn’t it just the best to have an excuse to eat chocolate EVERY morning?! At my family home we don’t get our Christmas tree until about a week before Christmas but I think I’m ready to start with some more subtle decorations! I lean towards more traditional decor when it comes to this season. I just LOVE getting out the Christmas box from the attic and finding the decorations that belonged to my Granny (and haven’t been smashed through the years by various children, oops).

However I’ve been inspired by these photos to mix and match decorations in a more modern and creative way and here are some ideas:

* Use a tray to create a collection of festive items and create a nice little vignette using things like candles, deer figures, sprigs of evergreen, pine cones…
* Chop off a small branch from your tree (or buy a mini tree if you’re lacking space) and display on a table in a glass vase with some lanterns/ candles
* Baubles aren’t just for trees, ya know. Hang on hooks/ deer antlers/ strung together on the wall/ wherever you can find!
* Keep it cosy at all times. I love the cable knit cushion and chunky knitted blankets. Mix and match in neutral colours and pile them up
* Don’t save your best silver (or glass, or anything!) for special occasions. I seriously recommend serving Christmas BBMS, we made them last year on Christmas Eve and they were A to the MAZE.


Deer Head Sculpture, Golden Heart DecorationCashmere Cable Knit Cushion, Partidge Feather Bauble, Cock Pheasant Feather Bauble, Teardrop Decanter, Baobab Candle, Lantern, Tray, Deerhead Candle, Herringbone Throw – all from the LuxDeco Traditional Christmas Collection

This post was in collaboration with LuxDeco.com

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