Lunch at Nama

Nama is a place that’s been on my London foodie list to try for ages, and during Reset seemed like the perfect time to take a visit to treat ourselves. It’s a restaurant which prides itself on serving purely raw food, with no wheat, dairy, refined sugar, or processed foods. Right up my street!

I dragged my boy along on Sunday afternoon and we wandered around the pastel coloured houses of Westbourne Grove while we waited for a table. Stepping into Nama is kinda like being whisked off to LA (or how I imagine LA is!). The tables are a washed-out pale beachy wood topped with succulents, fresh cucumber water awaits you on your table, and everyone looks sun-kissed and dressed beautifully. Great for people watching.


After a coffee with coconut milk (less creamy but really delicious) we browsed the food menu. It’s so refreshing as a coeliac to open a menu and be able to choose anything you like, rather than have to question exactly what is in every dish. I went for the Lasagne Verdure, with layers of rich, Pomodoro sauce, nut ‘cheese’, and slices of courgette as the pasta. He had kinda the same thing but in a courghetti pasta format with mushrooms. Both were absolutely divine and surprisingly filling.

I had my eye on the Fermented Mocha Cheesecake from the start but it was a busy weekend and the wait was long. I’ll just have to pop back another time 😉 I’m super keen to try out their breakfasts too – hello pancakes and banana ice cream!

Do you have any cool breakfast spots or restaurants to recommend in London? I love trying new places! x

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