Holding onto Summer

The coats are in the shops, Pinterest is full of pumpkin pie recipes, and the weather is cooling down, but I’m digging my heels in. We’ve had a few sunny evenings this week and I’ve been trying to make the most of the last warm days. Here are a few ways I’ve been clinging onto Summer…
I became quite obsessed with scented candles over the past year and Yankee Candles have some gorgeous Summer smells like this ‘Waikiki Melon’ so I pretend I’m in Hawaii whilst I’m winding down in the evening. I don’t usually go for coloured/ fruity candles but this feels so Summery.
Listening to upbeat music from my Ibiza holiday playlist whilst I’m getting ready in the morning (THIS song will always remind me of Summer 2014).

Eating outside (and drinking rose wine). We found a fire pit in a wood this week and it’s been perfect to warm our toes during cooler evenings in the garden.

Sprinkling essential oil from Provence, France on my pillow. Just before we left France, our friend who is a yoga teacher gave my sister, Mum and I a wonderful relaxing yoga session. She sprinkled this Provence lavender oil on our hands and now it will always remind me of doing yoga on that warm day, overlooking the sunflower fields. Aromatherapy candles are another way to relax in the evening.
Eating all of the Summery foods. I ate most of a whole pineapple this weekend. Sadly I do not have a pool to dip my toes in whilst eating breakfast at the moment.

What is your favourite season? I’m planning a couple of weekend breaks in the UK over the next couple of months before it gets super cold. I can’t wait to go on country walks, have beach bonfires and pub lunches. There are some good parts about Autumn 😉

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