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Snugg iPhone 4 Leather Case

Snugg always seem to read my mind. They happened to contact me when I got my iPad Mini back in June, and last month I bought myself an iPhone and sure enough, there was an email in my inbox a few days later offering to send me another case to try out. I love my leather iPad case so I said yes please, and went for the black leather again. 
I love the quality of Snugg products. Lovely leather with a soft nubuck lining. I used to chuck my Blackberry around (partly secretly hoping it would break so I could get a new phone. That never happened but I got a new one anyway), though I have been trying to be more careful with my iPhone. This pouch means I don’t have to worry too much about that.
I’m going to be honest though. This is not ideal for your phone if you’re like me and are whipping it out of your handbag every 10 minutes. This is because to pop your iPhone out of the pouch, you need to pull this tab, which is a bit annoying. 
However I find it perfect for when I’m on the go and want to protect my phone. It is ideal for taking to the gym or going on runs, because you can still easily listen to music and it doesn’t matter so much if you drop it. I also use it when I chuck my phone in my backpack and cycle to work. Also on nights out, ahem.
So I’m still getting lots of use out of it. Thank you Snugg 🙂 I’m still a fan.
Thank you to Snugg for this iPhone pouch.

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    James Taylor
    May 8, 2014 at 5:42 am

    Great job Jon, hope this will encourage some people to fix their iPhone 4 Parts if they have a guts of opening it:)

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