Christmas on Instagram | 02

A gift of ink and quill from a supplier at work
Our first Christmas tree in our new flat
Enjoying some time off work to do things like read and paint my nails
My favourite Christmas chocolate
Baking gingerbread men
Eggnog made by Alex, yum!
Stamping my own wrapping paper
Christmas socks
Making Baileys, ice cream and chocolate milkshakes on Christmas Eve to watch Elf with
Christmas mantle piece and tree at home
A walk in Richmond Park today – first time I’d left the house properly in 2 days!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was spent at home with my mum’s family visiting. It was a perfect 2 days of lots of eating, drinking, playing games, and laughing. I definitely needed that walk in Richmond Park today to work off some of those roast potatoes!
Happy New Year xox

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