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“The Spice Island”

After a few days of diving and lounging in Matemwe Beach Village, we decided to venture out of our little bubble. Zanzibar is known as the “Spice Island”, so we thought we should go and take a spice tour on one of the farms. I have never smelt, tasted, and seen so many exotic flavours and fruits in such a short time before! 
One of the most amazing experiences was when one of our guides shimmied barefoot up a ridiculously tall coconut tree whilst singing. I could barely look, he was so high up! 
I had never tasted fresh coconut water like it before – it was so refreshing. And the coconut flesh was soft (‘like calamari’), not like the hard stuff we get on coconuts in the UK. 
Did you know that the King of spices is cinnamon, and the Queen of spices is cardamom? We bought a few spices at the end to take home with us and try to recreate some delicious East African dishes.
Next stop on our day trip was Stone Town. A beautiful area of Zanzibar City with a mish-mash of gorgeous architecture, including European style and Arabic style buildings.
We wandered down countless little alleyways, bartering for souvenirs including some lovely wooden bowls, bone necklaces, and lots of beautiful colourful kangas.

Although this was supposedly the “tourist” part of Zanzibar City, we saw hardly any other tourists. We stumbled upon the local market and it was such a sense overwhelm. Strong smells, noisy buses and people, amazingly various coloured fruits and vegetables. So many piles of dates! It was so much fun.
We were all pretty hot and tired after wandering. As it was Ramadan, my Mum, Sister and I had to cover up a lot with trousers/ maxi skirts/ cardigans and we weren’t used to doing that in the heat! We were recommended the Sunset bar by the sea and it was a perfect view.
I would recommend every part of our trip! And feel so lucky to have been able to go. 

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    July 26, 2013 at 1:05 am

    Wow, what an experience! Looks like a wonderful trip from the photos. X

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