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Hello from Australia (again)

Polly Rowan blog - Bushranger Bay

After an unexpected break of over a year, I finally decided to hit that ‘New Post’ button again. This year marks 10 years since I started this blog – pre-social media, pre-smart phones, pre-adult life! I toyed with the idea of ending it totally, but something stopped me. I’ve always loved documenting things (I’m an extremely nostalgic person!)…

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Spring/Summer Bucket List

Spring/Summer Bucket List

I am getting so excited about the weather (slowly, very slowly) warming up in London so thought I’d put together a little Spring/Summer bucket list to fully embrace this season. This time last year was pretty busy pulling together all the last minute preparation for our wedding. Although I loved doing all the crafty bits and pieces, it didn’t leave much free time for long afternoons in the park in the sun.…

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Easter Breakfast | Hot Cross Bun French Toast

Hot Cross Bun French Toast

Hot Cross Bun French Toast I feel Easter always deserves an indulgent breakfast – after a ton of chocolate has been consumed of course, that’s breakfast number one. I’ve always been a fan of toasted hot cross buns. There’s something about the crunch of the outside while the inside stays soft and chewy. This year I experimented with hot cross bun French toast…

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Interior Inspiration: Lavender Love

Lilac Love

I have a lot of love for pale purple tones at the moment, which hasn’t happened since I was 12 and it was all the rage to paint your bedroom in the most sickly pale lilac colour. I’m not going to go that overboard, but instead I love a hint of lavender against another colour to tone it down. Now that ‘millennial blush’ has well and truly had its day, it’s all about the dusty purple.…

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Storage Ideas for Small Homes

Storage for small homes

I love our flat but it is pretty small, something that I’m sure a lot of Londoners deal with. I recently gave my granny a tour of our home for the first time and her comment was ‘it couldn’t really get much smaller, could it?’ Ha I love the honesty, it’s so true. Over the last six months we have come up with a few solutions for fitting in all of our crap lovely things. It is good to live…

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