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Storage Ideas for Small Homes

Storage for small homes

I love our flat but it is pretty small, something that I’m sure a lot of Londoners deal with. I recently gave my granny a tour of our home for the first time and her comment was ‘it couldn’t really get much smaller, could it?’ Ha I love the honesty, it’s so true.

Storage for small homes

Over the last six months we have come up with a few solutions for fitting in all of our crap lovely things. It is good to live in a space for a while to see what works for you, before starting to tweak things here and there to make sure everything has its place. Here are a few tips.

Storage Solutions for a Small Bedroom

The main thing we struggled with was fitting two people’s clothes into one small wardrobe and one chest of drawers. From chatting to friends also living in one bedroom flats, this is where they lack space too.

First of all, try and streamline your clothes as much as possible. Have a clear out of things you haven’t worn in the past year. Another great thing to do is to have a ‘one in, one out’ system where you take something to the charity shop every time you buy something new. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it!

Next, pack away your summer clothes in the winter and vice versa. In the UK this means you can put away shorts, bikinis, sandals and summer dresses now! And come April/May (hopefully!) we can pack away our bulkier jumpers, coats and boots.

Storage for small spaces

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When it comes to bedroom furniture for small spaces, think vertically. Buying a tall skinny wardrobe or chest takes up the same amount of space on the floor as a short one. If you are really lacking space, a clothes rail can squeeze into nooks of the bedroom, like this customisable one.

Finally, look at where else you can store things in the bedroom. The back of the door is perfect for a set of hooks and under boxes under the bed are a life saver. If you really have no more space – think where else in the flat you can stash your out of season clothes. My summer clothes are hidden in the living room cupboard just because there was space.

Hiding Clutter

For the rest of the flat, we found that you just need to think outside the box a little. My favourite one is baskets – I hang them on backs of doors, on top of the wardrobe, and pop them in nooks and crannies. Baskets hide a hoarding problem (yep that’s me) as they look pretty and can be moved around. If you have a lot of open shelving, break it up with nice woven storage boxes or baskets to store bed linen or wires (everyone’s pet hate).

Storage for small spaces

When buying furniture, make sure it has hidden storage. Whereas it’s nice to style a few pretty things on an open shelf to admire, it’s things like paperwork and bedding that take up so much room and are unsightly. Pieces like consoles with cupboards underneath, or a retro sideboard are amazing for stashing away folders, electronics, or in my cases, piles of paper and paint supplies!

storage for small spaces

Reorganise regularly; when you live in a small home, only a few things have to be left scattered around for the whole room to look cluttered.

Double Up Uses

Make the furniture you do have, work harder. A colourful stool can serve as a side table until you have guests for dinner and then it’s an extra seat.

The extendable dining table that came with our flat is a revelation! It takes up very little room in our kitchen but when we have a little dinner party we can extend it to fit six people. It is so handy.

Storage for small spaces

A sofa bed would be another great investment piece for a small home, especially if you have people to stay often. Our poor guests will be on camping mats next weekend, sorry guys!

I hope this is helpful! Do you have any other magic solutions for storage for small spaces?

This post is sponsored by the wonderful Fantastic Furniture but as always, all words and views are my own.

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