Just a Minute | December

Just a Minute December

Every now and again I feel like I need to gather my thoughts over here because time is flying by and I haven’t written many of this kind of post this year! December is turning out to be a very good month so far. London is a beautiful place to be at Christmas. All the festive cheer and cosy decorations totally make up for the short days and cold weather. I’m in full festive mode and there are so many nice things in the diary to look forward to that I’m feeling very grateful for!

Just a Minute December
Just a Minute December
Just a Minute December

Life Lately

Reading // The Keeper of Lost Things, which I’m actually not enjoying much. Has anyone read it? What do you think?
Eating // Warming porridge in the morning and veggie chilli at night. And gluten free mince pies and advent chocolates.
Hoping // For some snow this Christmas. That’s probably asking too much, right?
Opening // a chocolate and a CANDLE advent calendar everyday, because I am that basic.
Working // On some exciting design projects, including a venture into bespoke wedding stationery.
Visiting // The city of Bath in less than 3 weeks! If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll remember I went to uni there. I haven’t been back in over three years so I’m so excited to revisit it with my girls from uni and have a little pre-Christmas party.
Working Out // At Local Motion which is a cool studio which does pilates, yoga, and HIIT style circuit classes. It’s above Planet Organic too, but luckily my class finishes before it opens otherwise that could get very expensive!
Drinking // Anything mulled.

Just a Minute December
Just a Minute December

Reflecting // On the past year, what I’ve learnt, and thinking about 2018. It feels good to be ending a what has been a tough year on a better note.
Wearing // A huge new jumper I bought in Copenhagen, and my Ugg boots around the house. I wish I never had to take them off my feet.
Buying // Christmas presents and Christmas decorations! Alex and I haven’t had a proper tree together before so we ordered a whole load of baubles and lights with a wedding voucher which was so fun.
Waiting// For my sister to arrive from Singapore next weekend, so the whole family can be reunited! So excited.
Watching // Top of the Lake: Season II. It’s turning out so be so gripping, just like the last season. Elisabeth Moss is one of my favourite actresses and she’s amazing in this too. And it makes me miss Australia a bit!
Planning // One last little trip to my favourite part of England to bring in the new year and get some fresh air.
Chatting // To a close friend who lives in Mumbai and I haven’t seen in 7 months. Only a couple more weeks to go!
Baking // Some gingerbread this weekend if I can squeeze it in.

What is making you happy this month? And do you have any books to recommend once I’ve finished this slightly disappointing one?

Just a Minute December
Just a Minute December

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