New Year and Thoughts on 2016

Happy New Year! 
I hope you had a fun-filled Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I had my parents, sister, brother, and my sister’s boyfriend here for 2 weeks (as you probably already know if you follow me on social media with my 11 month countdown) and it was the most action-packed and lovely time ever. I can’t wait to share our first Summer Christmas on the blog! They left yesterday and that was a very hard goodbye, so I thought I’d sit down and write a blog post looking forward to the next year. 
2015 was probably the biggest adventure of my life. From starting it in London, travelling through Cambodia and Thailand, and then living in Australia, it was certainly exciting. It wasn’t all straightforward or easy, there were hard decisions to make, and I didn’t see a single friend from home or family member for a year. Looking back I’m pretty proud of how I’ve adjusted to life in Melbourne and settled down in a job that I enjoy. I haven’t thought about new year resolutions much but I have a few goals for myself this year… apologies for being a cliché blogger with this post, but I’m also documenting these aims so that I can look back over the next year 🙂 
1. Save some money. 
2015 was never going to be the year to save money! However we’ve already booked flights back to Europe for a visit in August this year and so we shouldn’t have anymore massive expenses, so now’s the time to be frugal. I’d like to stick to my rule of only buying my work-lunch out once a week, cycling to work as much as possible, and maybe cut back on the espresso martinis when out drinking! 
2. Make time to Facetime friends and family. 
I was pretty good with this last year but it got harder during the second half of the year when my life started to fill up a bit more here in Australia. The 11 hour time difference makes it difficult but it’s important to me to do whatever it takes to stay in touch with my loved ones, even if it means getting up an hour earlier before work to catch up. 

3. Continue yoga. 
I’ve been trialling a new yoga studio for the last 6 weeks and absolutely love it. I’ve practised yoga in many forms over the years and this is my favourite studio by far. However, after my trial session ends in a couple of weeks the price goes up quite a bit and I find it hard to justify the extra expense. After chatting to a couple of people, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s worth spending the money on something that makes me feel more relaxed, calm, and is good for my health. So onwards I will go, and I’m really happy about it!
4. Live in the moment. 
This is a phrase that’s getting thrown around a lot at the moment but it’s definitely something I need to focus on. I get into a bad habit when I’m feeling down/homesick of counting down the days until I will next see my family. As soon as they left yesterday I felt overwhelmed by the 8 months that stretched in front of me until I fly home. So I’m trying to live in the moment, appreciate the really good things in my life here, and look forward to the smaller things that are not so far away instead. 
5. Put less pressure on myself. 
I have a habit of trying to squeeze too much into my day and also striving to make everything perfect, which makes me feel pretty stressed. I’m going to try and simplify my life a little, say no more often, and be kinder to myself. This doesn’t mean I’m going to be lazier or achieve less necessarily, but I’d like to do things with more intent and creativity. I think a lot of us have the problem of being too harsh on ourselves, and need to appreciate our achievements more. 
6. Make time for the blog. 
I hope this doesn’t contradict the last aim too much, but I need to get my blogging mojo back. At the start of last year I was really in the swing of things but I lost my way a bit. I would like to spend a few hours each weekend on this little space. It makes me happy. 
7. Continue to explore. 
I made the hard decision not to go home for almost two years so that I can use my annual leave to explore this side of the world, so in March I am going to New Zealand for a week! I am so excited to see this beautiful country! On a smaller scale I would like to continue jumping on a train/in the car at weekends and finding new hikes, beaches, and country towns to explore. It’s become my favourite thing to do. 
What are your aims for the next year? x

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