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Melbourne’s Breakfast Scene | St Ali’s

Breakfast in Melbourne is a very serious affair. It is also a hot topic of conversation with fellow Melbournians. You discuss the best açai bowl, recent breakfast ventures, and exchange quirky cafe names which you add to the growing list in the notes on your phone. There are hundreds of amazing breakfast spots but still most of them have a queue outside by 10am on a weekend. Cafés have whole coffee menus explaining where their beans come from, how they are ground, and the flavours of the coffee. Being an occasional cappuccino drinker my whole life, I am slowly being converted to the amazing ‘flat whites’ that everyone drinks here.

Recently Alex and I headed to St. Ali’s for breakfast in South Melbourne with our friends Luke and Courtney. The concept is so simple, a warehouse strung with fairylights and industrial style furniture, the bustling atmosphere gives it a cosy feel. A round of coffees is ordered before we’ve taken off our coats, and then it’s down to the menu. We discuss the dishes, and all healthy options are thrown out the window in favour of maple bacon.

Somehow during breakfast, our conversation turns one of those freaky discussions about the enormity of the universe and, feeling overwhelmed, Courtney and I go and gaze at the cakes (because cakes fix everything). All the cafés here have amazing baked goods all lined up on the counter to lure you in when you’re having your second coffee.

So many breakfasts, so little time!

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