A Summer Bucket List

The weather in Melbourne is finally warming up and I’m getting excited for my first Aussie summer! As I’m writing this on Sunday, we spent the day in the park today and now we’re about to have our first BBQ of spring (though we’ll probably be bringing the food inside, it’s still pretty chilly…). I’m so excited to make the most of the hot days and get outside and explore as much as possible whilst I’m living down-under, so I thought I’d do a summer bucket-list style post! 
* Go camping. We camped for the Easter weekend with friends and it was so much fun. We are planning to go somewhere by water so we can cool off when it’s hot! 
* Drive the Great Ocean Road. The beaches look amazing and this could probably be done in a day, or definitely a weekend. 
* Make white peach sangria. Ever since I saw Catherine’s post with this recipe I’ve been planning to make this next time we have a summer gathering/BBQ. 
* Kayak along the Yarra River. Take a picnic, hire a kayak, this would be a such a relaxed day with friends. 
* Discover Melbourne’s beer gardens. 
* Go to Phillip Island. A couple of hours away from Melbourne, this is definitely happening as we’ve booked a house in December. Christmas on the beach = tick. 
* Get on a surfboard. I’ve only surfed once before but I think it’s a must-do in Australia! 
* Visit Mornington Peninsula. Another day trip from Melbourne, with lots of wildlife and beaches.
* Explore Yarra Valley wineries
* Cycle to Brighton beach. Yes, there is a Brighton beach here too. And yes, it does have colourful beach huts as well.
* Have 10000 barbecues. We have a little BBQ on our balcony, but we discovered a public one near our apartment by the river. It’s a pretty normal thing here to have large public BBQs in parks for people to use. How cool is that!? It will be such a nice spot to cook with friends.

I like making to-do lists just before a season change. Although summer is my fave, I do love listing hot chocolate recipes, winter hikes, and cosy cafes to visit when Autumn comes around too. Whether it’s about to turn to summer or winter, what’s on your to-do list?

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