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While I’m travelling in Asia, I’ve got a couple of lovely guest posters filling the silence. Today’s guest post comes from the wonderful Catherine from Sprunting. I recommend checking out her lovely lifestyle blog! Although Valentine’s Day is just over a couple of weeks away, this gives you a chance to think about making some of these wonderful DIYs, whether for your loved one or your bestest friends. Thanks Catherine! x

Nothing beats a handmade Valentine in my opinion – it’s thoughtful, unique and often easier on the purse strings too! Going back to basics with a sweet handmade gift is really what the day of love is all about for me, not overpriced roses and cheesy cards (though I do love a good cheesy card). I had a sweet little DIY I was going to make especially for this post, but apparently January is doing a fast one on us and I don’t know where the days have gone!

Instead, I thought I’d put together a little round-up of super sweet gifts to impress your nearest and dearest. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be about your other half, I love making it about friends and family too; at my primary school in New York we made our own little letterboxes and then doodled cards for everyone in the class, and a couple of years ago I threw a girls’ night in for all my friends with prossecco, cupcakes and Breakfast at Tiffany’s on DVD.

I’m always amused by Valentine’s gifts round-ups on blogs, because I’m pretty sure most blog readers are girls (especially the blogs I read) and I can’t imagine my boyfriend making me a frilly pillowcase stamped with love hearts, but a girl can dream, right? The best part about these gifts is you can make them for anyone – sisters, girlfriends, mums and even colleagues!
1. Whoopie pies – these have been on my list of things to make for ages and I still haven’t gotten around to it. I would roll the sides of these in hundreds and thousands so that the icing would be completely coated and then wrap them in brown paper and ribbon.

2. Designlovefest paper lockets – the bright colours make these hearts more fun than soppy. I did actually make one for my boyfriend last year (minus the frilly trim) and it even has its own spot on the hallway shelf!

3. Design*sponge garland – I saved this picture on my desktop years ago and trawled the internet to find it again! The beauty of this is it works beyond Valentine’s day and you can easily switch out the cards for different notes and trinkets as the year goes on. I can imagine those letters take forever to cut out…mine might just say ‘Be Mine’.

 Now some gifts for the guys – though I would welcome any of these with open arms myself! 

 1. Leather key rings – I actually wanted to make these for everyone for Christmas, but I never got around to it (seems like December has a habit of running away from me as well!). You could use a funny nickname or just something practical. OR, why wait until the 2016 leap year, just go ahead and write ‘Marry Me’ if that’s how you feel!

2. Cardboard stag head – awesome, right? Such a clever idea and think of the animals you could make! The ones pictured are actually from Fab, but you can find a DIY template here

3. A bespoke bar – this is the one my boyfriend would appreciate the most, that’s for sure, but I have a feeling those bottles wouldn’t last too long… I would make this a bit more masculine and pack bottles of spirits, chunky glasses and craft beers into one of those old wooden crates.

Whether you’re loved up, single or somewhere in between, Happy Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to let me know all about your homemade gifts!

Whether you’re loved up, single or somewhere in between, Happy Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to let me know all about your homemade gifts!

Catherine Sprunt


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    Sarah @ DaydreamsofSummertime
    January 29, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    Love this post! Some great ideas, I think my boyfriend would appreciate a bespoke bar x

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    February 5, 2015 at 10:02 pm

    Love this post, and can't wait to check out your blog Catherine x

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