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I thought I’d take a break from the Christmas overload (only for a moment, don’t worry!) and talk about style. I’ve been all about the basics and monochrome this Winter and tried to stray away from things that I’ll love for one season only. The main things I’ve invested in the last few months have been jeans, white shirt, black chelsea boots, a black and white striped dress, a denim shirt, and monochrome Nike Frees. Recently I’ve been lusting over some leather leggings (or leather-look, knowing what I can afford) like the ones in the top right photo. Aren’t they gorge!?

I’m sure in a month or two I’ll be screaming out for a bit of colour but right now I’m loving wearing basics, which make it so much easier to mix and match outfits. I’m also obsessed with tartan, and have a few tartan scarfs on rotation depending on how much I feel like hibernating (one of them is literally like a blanket).

What have you been wearing this Winter? Also let me know your Pinterest name as I am looking for new people to follow! Here is mine.


PS. Happy Christmas Eve eve!

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