Reset Days 9 – 12

Finally Reset (see the rest of the posts HERE) is over! Thanks for your comments and support – blogging whilst doing this healthy diet and exercise regime certainly helped me to stick to it. Here’s how it has gone the last 4 days…

The last 4 days were easier, in that the weekend had passed and I was more in the flow of eating healthily. However, at the same time, I wasn’t as strict as at the beginning. I had a couple of Nakd Bars, which are actually fine for no dairy/ refined sugar/ gluten, but at the beginning of the two weeks I was only having completely homemade food. I just ran out of energy to prepare endless tasty snacks and I reached a point when shopping for supper in Morrisons after work when I needed some energy NOW, ha.

I also had an evening off on Tuesday… my lovely boyfriend had booked us a surprise 5 course wine tasting dinner at Elliot’s a few weeks ago, and so of course I had to take the night off to enjoy it 🙂 It was delicious and I appreciated it so much more after not indulging for a while!

I’ve continued to do my morning exercises and then attended the One Element training sessions. It might just be a coincidence but I’ve found the two 1 hour-long sessions this week a bit easier than usual. I just feel a bit stronger, which is great. Oh and I did my 40 seconds of push-ups on my toes instead of my knees this morning!!! Big step for a weakling like me.

I had another little weigh in this week and I’m less than when I started. However it seems to have gone all over the place these past 2 weeks so I think I’ll just go back to never standing on scales again! You can’t really trust ’em and I’ve always thought that jeans are a better measure!


So it’s all over and as I’m writing this I’m speeding up to Scotland on a train, most likely about to undo any good that I did during this long weekend catching up with friends! But I’m going to try not to overeat, and not to eat ALL of the chocolate.

I’ve learnt that a bit of preparation can lead to a much healthier and a delicious diet. Some new snacks that I’ve been taking to work (and will continue to) are homemade hummus (so easy) with veg, seeds, nuts and dried fruit, and green smoothies or juices. I’m going to try and carry on with the 3 mins exercising in the morning as well, partly because it warms me up as the mornings have been getting colder.

Don’t you find it harder to stick to healthier eating in the Winter? If it was hot weather right now I so wouldn’t be craving hot chocolates and endless bowls of porridge! x

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    October 17, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    Yay to the 40s of press ups!! I definitely find it harder to eat healthier in the winter I want stodgy foods mist of the time!

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      Polly Rowan
      November 10, 2014 at 4:58 pm

      Thanks Tam! Ahh me too, in the Summer I'm happy with smoothies, salad and the odd ice cream but it's way harder in the Winter!

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