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… I know I’ve been a terrible blogger! I just checked and realised that I’d unintentionally taken a month off blogging. Though when I get home from work and it’s warm and sunny outside and I’m catching up with friends, life comes first and blogging always comes second. Sorry, lil blawg.
I feel like I’ve fully embraced this Summer and it’s been a good one! Cycling to work everyday, adventuring in Ibiza, France and Cornwall, living in denim cut-offs, drinking iced coffee, running along the Thames while the sun sets. I have loads of blog posts planned in my head, but for now here are some random Summery photos plucked from my Instagram
1. Cacti window box in Kensington
2. Mini city meadow in Fulham
3. My Summer uniform (shorts from here, tshirt from here)
4. Iced coffee on a hot day
5. Rooftops in Toulouse, France (more on this later)
6. Popping into beautiful Petersham Nurseries for a coffee
7. Packing up the CACTUS PRINT to ship around the world!
8. My trusty wheels
9. Running along the Thames in Battersea (hashtag no filter!)
How has your Summer been? I’m clinging onto the last shreds of warm weather and making the most of wearing no tights!

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