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This week is Coeliac Awareness Week, and so as a recently diagnosed Coeliac I felt I should post something! I was diagnosed out of the blue at the end of last year and by chance as I didn’t have any symptoms except for low iron levels. 
Although ‘gluten free’ is something which is quite spoken about at the moment, many people (including friends and waiters in restaurants) look at me blankly when I mention gluten. Gluten is in wheat, barley, and rye but these grains are in more things than you expect. Being Coeliac isn’t too difficult for me (after all, *most* chocolate is gluten free, phewf!) but it’s something that I have to be thinking about everyday and eating out is rarely convenient. 
Here are some delicious gluten free recipes that I love. I haven’t yet tried the ‘clean’ chocolate caramel slices or the cauliflower crust pizza but they are next on my list! I have recently been making myself actually cook some of those zillions of amazing looking dishes on my Pinterest boards – I once pinned them for a reason!
Some of my favourite cookbooks/ blogs for healthy and gluten free eating are Honestly Healthy cookbook, Deliciously Ella blog, The Whole Pantry App. Are any of you gluten free eaters?

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    Diana Mieczan
    May 13, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    A few of our friends have coeliac as well and I know how inconvenient eating out can get for them. I am so sorry about your diagnoses, sweetie! Btw: those caramel chocolate slices are calling my name:) Kisses

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