#100happydays {An Update}

So I am halfway through 100 Happy Days! For those who don’t know, it’s a little project which aims to helps us appreciate the moment we are in during our busy life schedules. You take photos of something which has made you happy each day and post on Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter.
Wow 50 days speeds past (plus I missed a couple of days here and there so it’s been even longer). I wouldn’t say that it made me happier, but it definitely helped me to appreciate the little things and get me through each day, especially back in February/ March. If I reached the end of the day and realised that nothing stuck out during that day which had made me happy, I made sure I made myself a hot chocolate, phoned a friend for a chat, or watched an episode of Girls as a little treat. 
Recently I’ve not been so good at remembering to photograph something each day, and it’s become more of a chore. However I’m not one to quit a project before I finish it, so I’m just going to be more relaxed about posting and just do it on the days when I want to.
I recommend this project – it helped me to slow down, be more thoughtful, and work out what makes my day a bit brighter! 

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    April 14, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    This is a great project, it's so good to celebrate the little happy things every day, I tried to do it myself but my phone's picture taking and staying-connected-to-the-internet abilities were not on my side!

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