After just two days in New York City, Alex and I hopped on a plane to Orlando, Florida. We were sad to leave the city but excited to explore somewhere else. Alex lived and worked at Disney World for seven months back in 2010 and so he was eager to go back. I have never been to a Disney park in my life and am not a big fan of theme parks or rides but there were other parts to enjoy about being in Florida!

We spent a few days exploring around some of the parks and eating ice cream (I enjoyed the water parks as it was so so hot!) It was fun to wander around the supermarkets and see and buy all the things that I’ve only seen in movies over the years. I couldn’t stop myself quoting Karen and Regina from Mean Girls the first time we drove past a Taco Bell! 
And then other things which I didn’t expect, like that drinks that you order in restaurants are always bottomless (I got so confused when the waitress kept filling my glass of lemonade after I’d finished it). And that the lemonade is proper lemonade, not Sprite like in the UK! Also that you tip all the time, even if you just order a drink in a bar.
Some places I recommend going if you’re around Disney world are Sweet Tomatoes (such a refreshing break from all the unhealthy fast food, and really cheap endless salad) and Ghiradelli (amazing chocolate and huge ice cream sundaes). Also check out the fab outlet stores! So cheap. 
Before checking out some outlets one day we drove to Lake Kissimmee to see another side of Florida. It was absolutely in the middle of nowhere, and beautiful. We did an airboat tour which was so fun, and the guide was great, pointing out all of the rare birds and a few ‘gators too! 

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