Just A Minute OCTOBER

I used to try and do a Just a Minute every month, as a few bloggers do. I just checked and I haven’t done one for nearly three years! But I haven’t blogged for so long I thought it would be nice to do a little catch up. Just a summary of what I’m enjoying this month. If you take part in Just a Minute on your blog, give me a little link to it in the comments 🙂 
In October I am


It’s a pretty long book so it’s taking me a while but it’s really gripping, about University students in Vermont and it’s getting a bit dark! 

Friends in Bath for the first time since I graduated in July. It was so nice to catch up, do some shopping and go out in Bath – kind of like I had never left. 

Looking forward to… 

Annual apple picking at my Grandparents’ in Kent next weekend, where we pick thousands of apples every year to make juice and cider. 

Also I just planned a little trip to Cornwall with some friends in two weeks time. It’s a long way (5 or 6 hours) to go for the weekend but I just can’t wait to go on a long country walk, have a pub lunch, take a dip in the sea (if we’re brave enough!) and then sit around drinking wine in my friend’s cottage in the evening. 
About a month ago I got diagnosed with being coeliac so cannot eat gluten anymore. It’s not too big of a deal at home as I love vegetables and eating healthy anyway, and there are plenty of alternatives for bread/ pasta these days. Eating out is a bit of a pain though! I’ve started a gluten free board on Pinterest and I’m planning on making these babies today.  


Great British Bake Off! I have no idea why I’ve never got into this series before now but this time I’m seriously addicted. I want Frances to win now, I think she deserves it as she’s so super creative. 
I also finished all the series of Breaking Bad. Does anyone else love this series? And I’ve just started Homeland for the first time. A bit confusing so far but I’ll give it a bit longer. 

To move into a new flat in mid November with my boyfriend Alex and a friend. I’m so excited to move out into a place which isn’t a student flat, or my parents’ home – though I’m sure I’ll be back every weekend for Sunday lunch! I’m planning a few flat inspiration posts over the next few weeks.
What are you up to this month?

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